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B_entertained Djs and More, also known as “The Karaoke Killa’s”, have the largest music selection with over a 50,000 song karaoke library and 250,000 digital song library which includes Top 40 Hits, Hip Hop Hits, and Classic Hits from the 20s, 30s, 40’s to now and even Kid’s Karaoke with all the classic sing-along and dance songs. We guarantee to have something from the young to the young at heart to enjoy singing as they watch as their friends try and sing along with them. Our library is updated monthly so you can sing the newest releases while they are still hot! Our professional staff is equipped with the latest in karaoke gear and personality and skill to get everyone involved and excited to sing.




” Very professional and Mike was a great guide through the whole process, thank you for making everything we asked for a reality!”

-Shawn, Bark Reviews


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“Marry-oke” –  Wedding Karaoke

Looking for something different? Set your wedding reception apart from any others with karaoke – we call it “Marry-oke”! The Marry-oke experience has proven to be a hands-down favorite of our brides and grooms! Couples tell us over and over what a great idea Marry-oke is and what an awesome way it is to kick a party into high gear. 

We wanted to bring a new element to weddings that no one had ever seen before and put that unique twist on what people saw as “traditional, dull and uhhhh aaanother wedding”. Well introducing karaoke meets wedding and you get B_entertained’s infamous “Marryoke”! The Marryoke experience is like no other and has proven a bride and groom’s favorite! Couples love to B_entertained as their guests sing to their favorites and ham it up for pictures and family. We hear time and time again from our clients “What a concept! We definitely had fun and was an awesome way to get the party started!” Even if you find the idea of a karaoke wedding a tad hokey, we dare you to give us a chance and watch as you crack a smile as grandma belts out the chorus to a classic like “.:.Opps I did it again.:.”

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Bar and Club Karaoke in CT, MA, RI

The Karaoke Killas have been introducing and running the “Lewd, Crude and Totally Rude, Drunkin Karaoke” production in bars, clubs and pubs in the NY, CT and MA areas for over 15 years. With a following developing everywhere we go! This isn’t your normal American Idol style karaoke! The lewd, crude and downright FUN karaoke encourages you to leave your standards at the door, look at our request book, go get a drink (or two OR MORE) at the bar and listen for the moment when your song gets called and you get your 15 seconds of bar fame. Contact us today and let us see what karaoke craziness we can do for you and your patrons!

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