Meet The Staff

The B_entertained Family!

Mikey B. aka Mikey Blaze

B_entertained’s owner and founder! This young man has been a DJ for almost two decades starting back in the mid 90’s when he acted as a roadie carrying crates of records (yes records!) through NYC for a legend in the local mobile DJ scene. After several years of learning the in and outs of stereo equipment, sound engineering and microphone satire the decision to launch B_entertianed was made! Since inception, the company has performed at over 4,000 events at 600+ venues around the states of CT, NY and MA. Personally, Mike has performed at over 1,200 weddings, at celebrity and red carpet functions and even has been invited to the White House as an honored contributor at the 2015 Small Business Economics forum. With years of experience, he is the go to source for everything B_entertained!

Stacy S. aka Rizzo

A veteran to the B_entertained family! Stacy started with B_entertained back in 2015 after meeting Mikey Blaze through a mutual friend and seeing an opportunity to make a real difference in the company. By bringing her acute knowledge of project management, organizational skills and general information administration she has implemented and been a crucial part to the growth of the company. Since then she has revolutionized the way B_entertained has done business by creating a smooth and enjoyable booking experience, quick informative responses to client inquiries and being the voice behind the scenes helping our clients achieve their event dreams. On top of being an excellent host of live events at bars and restaurants, providing voice over work for pod casts and radio commercials and applying her own unique personality to clients events Stacy is here to serve our clients best! Experienced, Laid Back, Knowledgeable and all-around a great person who truly cares about our couples, clients and other members of the B_entertained Family!

Xianni S. aka Event Expert Extraordinaire

The friendly voice of B_entertained! With years of experience in the retail and customer service space Xianni came to B_entertained as a friend of Stacy with a want to help us grow the company and create a more personalized experience for our clients. Starting back in 2018 Xianni has taken on the roll of being the voice that clients get to know and love as she reaches out to touch base with you and help guide you through our vast number of services using her broad knowledge of all the cool things we offer. Her personality, sense of style and bubbly candor is one you will never forget and appreciate as she listens to your needs and partners with you to bring your dreams to reality.  Not only is Xianni the friendly voice on the other end of the phone but also an experienced pool player who has run the table to win many local championships. Giving her an edge that you wouldnt even expect! Awesome, fun and super spunky Xianni is a team member that our clients dont forget and always find a big help!

Rob D. aka Roberto the Warehouse Ninja

True to his word, one of the hardest working members of the B_entertained family! Rob has been an integral part of the gang since 2016 when he started off as a delivery and set up team member. Since then he has moved his way up through the ranks to become leader of the teams and warehouse manager being the first step in any event we construct. He has played a critical part in the moving into and setting up of our new warehouse location in South Windsor, CT and to this day is improving the way we store and deliver our equipment to you. With the goal that not only do you get well maintained equipment but clean, safe and presentable fixtures as well. His attention to detail is unmatched and love for putting on a memorable event is his driving force for the hard work he puts in. From the moment you meet Rob you cant help but like him. His up beat personality and jovial sense of humor is memorable and execution of events, flawless!

Alicia J. aka Social Media Socialite 

Newest member of the squad! But one who plays a huge role! Alicia has reinvented B_entertained’s social media presence from the moment she took over the position of Social Media Manager in early 2019. Her creative and informative posts are always a hit with our followers and gives you a real sense of who we are as a company and the kind of events, looks and style we have. Her personality can be felt in the posts she writes and her own flair is seen in the media she chooses. Giving even our perspective clients a unique look at the diversity of our staff. An influencer herself, as well as an active model, she brings her first hand knowledge of current trends and coming fashions to the services we provide in her daily posts on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Keep an eye for this up and coming star as she tells you the story of how we make your next event unforgettable!  





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