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The bar industry is driven by delivering exceptional (and memorable) customer experiences. As a bar owner, manager, or operator,  its not just about the food and beverage but the different events as well. You sell emotion through enhanced experiences and your concept—whether it is a bar, pub, lounge, or even a nightclub—lives or dies by the customer emotion that it creates. Creating a memorable emotion starts on a personal level to ensure you positively deliver but the personality of your bar is created through the different events that you host. Let it be a trivia night with our interactive host or an open mic with some great local musicians it all creates and atmosphere that your guests want to be in.

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You can have kick-ass food and the most amazing cocktails but you will find that having the best band in town, a fun host or interesting night of trivia or bingo playing on your stage will have guests returning time and time again for the experience and to spend money. When you lack an experience, it hurts your brand, and sadly, this happens more often than it should. So let us bring a new level of entertainment to your establishment and make a night that your guests will come back for week after week!

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Live Trivia

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