Live Trivia

Easy Way to Add Instant Sales and Keep People Longer!

So, you’ve got a great menu and the right atmosphere, but you’re still seeing a lull in business. Simple answer… Host a Trivia Night! Trivia Nights are a great way to get people into your bar and keep them coming back week after week.

Where Did Trivia Nights Come From? History of Trivia Night/Pub Quiz Trivia Nights began in 1970s England. Quizmasters hosted Pub Quizzes in a few select venues without any standardization. Enter, Sharon Burns and Tom Porter. They created their own pub quiz league that doubled as a marketing strategy. They brought thousands of teams into their venues each week with their unique format. This brings us to the 1980s in America, when pub quizzes (or “Bar Trivia”) branched out from the UK.

Trivia Nights have been a staple in many bars and restaurants across the United States and in fact they’re often the busiest night of the week while also producing excellent return on investment for bar owners. While Trivia Nights prove to be a cash cow for many operators, bar patrons look forward to Trivia Nights as a weekly ritual and a fun way to break up the monotony of the work week. Trivia Nights create great guest experiences and build human connections in a way that a mobile app and watching TV never could. Instead, guests can expect quality entertainment, cash prizes, and learning something new every week. Not to mention, it’s great for those who are too shy for karaoke.

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How Does It Work?  B_Quized will supply you with everything you need! Including a skilled and trained trivia host. Our great hosts can take a show to the next level and foster relationship between a guest and your trivia night. On average, a live trivia show lasts around two hours from start to finish; any longer and players lose interest. With that two-hour time frame in mind, people who come in for Trivia Night are settling in for the long haul — a.k.a. buying food and drinks. Our Trivia Nights are free to play so guests are inclined to spend money on menu items. In terms of the game itself, our events are five rounds and each winning team from the previous round gets to be the topic of the next round. This keeps players engaged without overloading them with questions. And we realize that question quality is crucial too. They can’t be too easy or too hard. The right difficulty level makes the game fun for everyone, from casual players to trivia whizzes. 

With so many people doing trivia we find that if the company’s a bad match for your business, your guests won’t enjoy the experience. Then they’ll be less likely to return until you do find the right match. But once people see how fun your Trivia Night is, they’ll want to come back each week. Trivia Nights are phenomenon that are here to stay. They are your patrons’ weekly fun appointment that keeps them coming back week after week.

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