B_wed #7: To Stream or Not to Stream. That is the Question


As it was a tragedy in Shakespeare’s time a new tragedy is upon us! This, of what to do, for relatives, family and your friend Yorick (who you know well) that can not join in on your event festivities. Well like in the days of Shakespeare there are options, including, dozens of intrusive cell phones streaming all about or your cousin Ricky who thought he would have better wifi and is cutting in and out! But there is always the videographer who should be capturing the night, but alas, he wont have the video until after your honeymoon flight. So what is a couple or event organizer to do, well we have the perfect solution for you. Live streaming is here and the technology can make it all quite clear.

Alright I know, I know, enough with the Shakespear-ing. Got it! But as elegant as one of his plays was so too can be your events live stream. Since the onset of Covid 19 streaming tech has exploded to become the next stadiums, concert halls and venues of the decade with the term “Virtual Audience” being how most people are attending events, meetings and even wedding receptions. But what to do, do you have your friends and family whip out their cell phones and hope they get everything or do you have Ricky setting up his laptop in the corner with a web cam not knowing if your even live. Well, neither! Now there are professional services available that brings that cinematic director cut feel to a live stream in an effort to recreate the feeling of being there experiencing it live.

So what should you look out for. Well to start the company you hire should know the options available to broadcast your live event. Everything from social media live streaming to youtube live streaming to private (invite only) streams are all available. They should be able to discuss the benefits and differences between each but for a quick overview:

  1. Social media:connect with followers by going live on your favorite platform. Great for content marketing or general live streaming for artist.
  2. YouTube:broadcast in real-time to your subscribers or guests. Best used for promotion and marketing, but can also be good for onetime events such as private events and receptions.
  3. Private:use a private video platform to connect with your guests and provide a custom experience.

Not only should the streaming company you choose be proficient in the medium that you want to stream on but there is also some basic equipment that they should be using. These tools allow for a clear uninterrupted stream and include:

  1. Internet-ready camera: High quality webcam or digital camera for the best picture quality
  2. Tripod or stabilizer:to keep your camera steady for a comfortable viewing of your live stream
  3. Broadcast Software:so you can go live in on chosen platforms without being cut off
  4. Strong Data Connection:to ensure your stream doesn’t disconnect or become pixilated
  5. Power Bank:keeps all their devices charged and ready when you’re ready to go live

Knowing what platform to use and the basic equipment needed to have a successful live stream will allow you to choose a company that can bring guests from far and wide together for your event. With a world full of new Digital Audiences and predictable the future of events don’t be the one left in the past.

-Mike Blaze
Streaming Streamer at B_entertained DJs and More