B_wed #2: Time for Some Limes Amongst All these Coronas.


The world we live in today is truly unprecedented, families literally working, schooling and playing within feet of each other, companies and industries ceasing to exist and a basic day can consist of no more than a short commute to the couch with a day time lunch break to the backyard. But throughout all this mess (can’t think any other way to put it) it’s amazing how the ingenuity of people and true spirit to celebrate has emerged. A quick story…

As of early March, B_entertained could not operate due to the new policies put into place to curve the spread of corona. It happened so quick that it sent me, my staff and our overall livelihood into a state of stand still. It very quickly turned to a feeling of hopelessness and even a state of depression. But… and this is a big but, I realized I couldn’t lose what I spent over two decades building. And even a bigger “Ah Ha!” moment being that if you accomplish anything, and I mean anything, then you have done something more that day then the last. So I started… dishes, laundry, clean the house, repair inventory, work on website, negotiate with vendors, apply for loans, research protocols, stay informed of SBA regulations… and all of a sudden things were getting done. The world started to turn from a negative place to a place filled with accomplishments from to do lists of many moons ago and the opportunity to learn, re-work and really rediscover who I was. And what dawned on me was… I want to make 2020 a year not to be forgotten but a year that is unforgettable!

It’s amazing that in the midst of such a time that people and companies are creative enough to utilize technology and find safe ways to still make a special life event memorable. For me personally I have had a weekly zoom call with 8-12 of my best friends from childhood. Something we literally haven’t done outside of special occasions and random holidays in over a decade.  It has resulted in us spending more time together catching up and literally B*#@$^@!ing like we were back in high school again! Truly for me it has been the mental health and therapy that I needed. With that I wanted to see how I could provide some therapy or just overall happiness for others, because you know, we are in the business of making life long memories!

Birthed came ideas like our free weekly Tuesday trivia nights that brought friends, family and followers together to have fun and interacting as humans again on our Facebook page… which in turn made some awesome memories! We developed a virtual Family Feud, Karaoke and Jeopardy and best part! We even built a 2800 watt mobile sound truck capable of bringing a custom sound track to the parades people were throwing in lieu of actual celebrations. Putting our B_entertained touch and positive vibes into the world!

Realizing this is a battle, not only with an enemy we cannot see but within ourselves, and as much as life is different, remember that there will be no other time where you can develop new skills, grow as person, and enjoy the little things that our “normal” busy lives might have missed! There will hopefully never be another year like 2020 but it will be a year filled with “remember that question I could figure out Tues at trivia” and “OMG! The DJ just shot confetti out of the truck. I’ll never forget that!”

Let’s choose to be positive so the positivity can be our only choice!

-Mikey Blaze

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