B_wed #3: The Art of Rescheduling Your Wedding


This topic, I know I know, is beat to death. But there is truly an art to rescheduling your wedding now. I am not going to talk about dealing with vendors, deposits or those types of issues but more give an alternative approach to how to enjoy the wedding, birthday or pretty much any event of 50 to 100 or less people. As it stands, currently in the state of Connecticut, the governor’s re-opening plan has June 17th scheduled as the day 50 person and under events and July 20th for 100 person and under events to start. What does this mean for you?

Well, its decision time, and I know it can be hard. It can be exhausting. But overall think of this, would the event be what you always imagined it to be if the people you had originally invited weren’t there. Funny enough, the answer is split! “Family and close friends is the only way we have really wanted it!” Versus “A party without everyone isn’t a party!” We understand both sides of the spectrum! And have some suggestions for each school of thought.

Small and intimate – “is the way it’s gonna be, yer herr” for at least a month starting out so if you are planning on throwing an event in late June or early July consider these options on how to design a space that will distance but keep everyone close:

  1. The Total Outdoors – You are going for it! The party is on but you need to distance and really don’t know what size tent or what really to do. Screw the tent! Build an event space with lighting! String lights can be hung to define a space while also providing the right amount of glow to set the mood for the activities ahead!
  2. Standing Room Only – Who needs a chair to pull up! Distancing is going to be hard enough so leave it to your guests to figure out who and how they want to interact by setting up cocktail style High Top tables everywhere! The options are endless and people will enjoy jumping from one conversation to the next as they catch up with family and make new friends.

Keeping it 100 – No, literally. Phase three in the governor’s plan is to open up events to host 100 or less social distant participants. This creates a unique situation to now find how to accommodate them safely while they enjoy all the activities going on.  With larger crowds comes a larger space so consider these options as alternatives:

  1. Inside / Outside Affairs – As we all try and adapt to the new rules it seems that the math is easy. Double it up! Round tables are approximately 6ft apart from side to side and instead of 8 at a table its now 4. But now where to put them? Put them outside the tent and have an open seating floor plan. The memory is made by being there and as we all adjust to how events will operate so will your guests to be still be a part of the action.
  2. Pulling Up to the Station – No rules apply! You are now a trail blazer with your event and no need for traditional set ups anymore. Put the DJ in a small tent in the middle of your layout flanked by flank steak and make your own mashed potato bar and just watch as people mingle with station options as destinations!

These next few months are going to be interesting. From us having to re-engineering the way we put together events to the way our clients are going to have to throw them it is an exciting time to be creative, learn new skills and overall have fun within the limitations we have!

-Mikey Blaze

Event Re-engineer-er at B_entertaind DJs and More