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Being a member of so many (so so many!) wedding and event groups on Facebook, for not only clients but professionals as well, certain themes come up regularly that are collectively answered by the groups members. But one that has been a true disturbing and blinding trend lately has been the recent onset of companies ghosting clients.  Companies who were open one day and gone the next. With the uncertainty of the times and to further give legitimacy to the industry that we here at B_entertained have been a part of for over two decades we have put together the top 10 things you can do or look out for to ensure you hire a professional vendor for your next event:

  1. Ask Other Vendors for Referrals! If you’ve hired a trusted vendor already but are working on building the rest of your team, then ask them for recommendations! They’ll be happy to point you in the right direction of someone who matches your budget, style, and personality!
  2. Turn to Other People You Know! Ask your friends who threw events like yours or are in the process of who they hired for their event. However, don’t forget that their experience is unique to their tastes, budget, and specific goals and challenges.
  3. Beware of “Too Good to Be True” Pricing! Use a well-rounded approach to assessing value — there’s different components you need to consider, not just the price tag and if Vendor A costs $1,500, Vendor B costs $1,200, and Vendor C costs $600, there is probably a good reason why Vendor C is so cheap.
  4. A Professional Demeanor is a Must! There are so many vendors to choose from, but the ones that stand out and are booked over and over by couples are professional from their initial consultation to after the big day. They respond in a timely manner, have positive reviews from past clients, and a solid reputation from other vendors.
  5. Get Client Testimonials! The Internet provides a wealth of information, but unfortunately, much of it goes unchecked and is often exaggerated or — worse — totally fabricated! Take the time to look through vendors’ clientele and who they have worked with before in order to get to know the business you are interested in hiring.
  6. Trust Your Gut! If there’s a pro you know you want to have at your wedding, book them right away. Even if it feels early, hesitating to book is a major mistake when planning your event. If you like someone, trust your gut and save yourself time and energy.
  7. Insurance, Insurance, Insurance! Although it’s the least romantic aspect of event planning, insurance is a must. Make sure your vendor has liability insurance. In fact, most high-end venues require a vendor to have it as it maintains the professional aspect of everything and protects everyone involved.
  8. Never Assume Anything! This is probably the most important tip we can give you. Never assume a vendor knows what you want or expect. They don’t know what you’re thinking or envisioning, so be clear and thorough in your communication.
  9. Size does matter! Today the size of the company really does make a difference as a lot of single operators are closing their doors. You want to work with a well established company who you know will be there when your big day arrives
  10. Have Fun With It! This last one isn’t so much about the vendor but about you. Planning an event can be overwhelming and stressful at times, but remember to find time for fun throughout the process. Event planning is a lot of work so don’t lose track of the reason for the celebration!

Shhhh. This is some insider info to what we have found is true for us and our fellow vendors. Take these as steps to help finding you the perfect vendor for your next event!

  -Mikey Blaze

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