Pucker Powder – Sugar Sand Art Pricing

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  Pucker Powder - Sugar Sand Art

This TWELVE flavor dispenser comes with both sweet and sour flavors and all of the tubes that your guests will need to create their own edible candy art.  With a little adult supervision, this concession item will be a fun, easy and non-messy project for both children and adults.  This machine will do great at birthday parties, festivals, picnics, carnivals and fairs.  It is both easy to do and super fun. 

So get to creating some edible art and turn your birthday party or event into a classic carnival with our pucker powder machine rental! Also, check out our other great fun food & concession machine rentals.

Package Includes:

  • 75 - 12" Sugar Sand Art Fill Tubes
  • 12 - Sugar Flavors 

    • Choose From:
      • Sweet Banana Pucker Powder 
      • Sweet Blue Bubblegum Pucker Powder 
      • Sweet Chocolate Pucker Powder - 
      • Sweet Cotton Candy Pucker Powder 
      • Sweet Pina Colada Pucker Powder 
      • Sweet Birthday Cake Pucker Powder 
      • Sweet Root Beer Pucker Powder 
      • Sweet Strawberry Pucker Powder 
      • Sweet Tropical Fruit Pucker Powder 
      • Sour Blue Raspberry Pucker Powder 
      • Sour Fruit Punch Pucker Powder
      • Sour Grape Pucker Powder
      • Sour Green Apple Pucker Powder 
      • Sour Lemonade Pucker Powder 
      • Sour Orange Pucker Powder 
      • Sour Peach Pucker Powder 
      • Sour Pink Lemonade Pucker Powder 
      • Sour Watermelon Pucker Powder 
      • Sour White Apple Pucker Powder 
      • Sour Wild Cherry Pucker Powder

*Delivery and Tax Extra

Pucker Powder Sugar Sand Art Package
Pucker Powder Sugar Sand Art Package

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Pucker Powder 12' Fill Tube
Pucker Powder 12' Fill Tube

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Pucker Powder Sugar Sand Add On
Pucker Powder Sugar Sand Add On

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Candy Bar Attendant
Candy Bar Attendant

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