B_wed #9: Micro Can Be Macro!


If you’ve ever visited Disney World after going to a carnival, you understand the difference between a good time and a great time—it’s the difference of a fleeting moment or a vivid memory. But remember there are some very simple things you can do to make your party or reception stand out from all the rest even in this mostly scaled down world. Always remember, good vibes are contagious and we put together five must does that will have each one of your guests feeling special, appreciated and take your event from micro to macro!

  1. Engage Older Guests Early on. In today’s crazy world you will be lucky to have your older crowds attending and if they do they will plan to leave early, so have your photographers grab those family photos early in the reception, speak with them often and if they are ready to dance have them up on the dance floor first! The moments you create will be lifelong memories for them and make for some awesome moments for you.
  2. Take Time for Personal Interactions with all your Guests! Sounds easy right? All too often, couples feel so overwhelmed by endless details that they forget to shake hands, kiss babies and look individual guests in the eye. Go out of your way to make each person you encounter feel as if their presence truly matters. And this can be a simple kiss on the cheek to moving your feet to the beat!
  3. Encourage Humor and Tom Foolery! Want to try something even more powerful than playing dress up in the photo booth? Have your DJ announce that your looking for friends and family to have fun so come up with a pose to be captured forever by your photographer. Building memories can be fun in more than one way! And the more you can add the more you will have!
  4. Put together a YouTube style Routine! Don’t be intimidated by YouTube videos featuring talented brides and grooms because you don’t have to move like a contestant on America’s Got Talent! But guaranteed anything that you put together with family, friends or your new special person you will grab the attention of your guests and win hearts over. With the extra time we all have tell your wedding party, partner or special friend its time to have some fun!
  5. Provide Useful Take Home Gifts! Avoid the temptation to give away wedding themed items covered with ribbons and flowers. Who actually needs a pink candle adorned by lace applied with a hot glue gun? Try these ideas instead: Wine glasses loaded with hard candy in decorative wrappers. Tiny pies in decorative boxes. Little packages of homemade cookies. Small bottles of homemade wine. Tiny packages of gourmet coffee. Water and advil in handy to go bag. And the list goes on and on.   

These are just some really easy and fun things that add a bit of something extra. We all are still living through tough times but what people are realizing is that less is more and that simple things, like the five we listed above, can be all the difference from a fleeting moment to a unforgettable memory.

Mikey Blaze
Macro Memory Maker at B_entertained DJs and More