"Entertaining the World One Event at a Time"

Meet Our Disc Jockies and Masters of Ceremonies!

Mikey B. aka DJ Mikey Mike

B_entertained's owner and founder! This young man has been a DJ for almost two decades starting back in the mid 90's when he acted as a roady carrying crates of records (yes records!) through NYC for a legend in the local mobile DJ scene. After several years of learning the in and outs of stereo equipment, sound engineering and microphone satire the decision to launch B_entertianed was made! Since inception the company has performed at over 4,000 events at 600+ venues around the states of CT, NY and MA. Personally Mike has performed at over 1,500 weddings, performed at celebrity and red carpet functions and even been invited to the White House as an honored contributor at the 2015 Small Business Economics forum. With years of experience he looks forward to the opportunity to entertain you and your guests at your next event!  

Keith J. aka DJ Kool Keith

A veteran in the wedding industry! Keith at 2 years old met the wheels of steels for the first time and from that point on has never stopped mixing, MCing and making memories that last a lifetime. Keith is now known as DJ Kool Keith, one of Connecticuts most well known and highly respected DJs and on air personality for  94.3 WYBC FM in New Haven. With events performed at up and down the east coast, from CT to FL, and more then 1,000+ weddings performed at he is dedicated to making your day one you will never forget. Kool Keith has developed a reputation as the DJ our couples cant wait to work work with. His attention to detail and flow you can gurantee all of your guests will be entertained! Experienced, Laid Back, Knowledgeable and all around great DJ who truly cars about his couples! 

Chris M. aka DJ Sin.Cere

Fun, energetic and a great entertainer! Chris started in the entertainment world as a motivational dancer for mitzvahs for an entertainment company in southern CT in the early 2000's which introduced and allowed him to fall in love with the mobile industry. With the energy that Chris brings to each of his events the next natural step was to learn the fine art of MC performing and DJing; and DJ Sin.Cere was born! Since then DJ Sin.Cere has DJ'ed at hundreds of private events, been an on air radio personality, worked on movies sets, been a model and is a singer as well.  From his masterful MC skills and great music set selections DJ Sin.Cere's goal is to have everyone from the young to the young at heart out of their seat and moving their feet! 

Rob G. aka DJ Goldberg

Rob is a true Connecticut Nutmeg-er with a love of the state and entertaining the people in it. Rob has an amazing stage presence and gift for connecting with audiences. As an on air personality for the late great "The Rock" WCCC 106.9 - Hartford he entertained listeners and kept them laughing all the way home on his "Ride at 5:00" afternoon show. A classically trained host and master of ceremonies at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and a master of everything in the genre of ROCK Rob will bring that flare and edge to your reception that will have your guests talking about your special day for years to come! Professional, Funny and a great addition to any reception!   

All our DJs are masters of their craft but availability can not be guaranteed. Contact Us Today to see if your favorite DJ is available for your reception!