B_wed #6: Making Micro Magnificent!


The entertainment and event industry has just experienced a rebirth. A reawakening so to speak. It’s a new environment with new standards and it has been truly shaken to its roots. But vendors are finding new and innovative ways to bring, what we all thought was the near end for us, back through some creativity embracing the new trend… micro events! Smaller, scaled down versions of what were once large scale events without losing the ambiance, grandeur and elegance that they behold.

Let’s start with the guests who still can or will be attending. And let’s be positive, with the scaled down wedding, for example, the best part of having fewer guests… fewer mouths to feed and water! As awful as it may sound there is a benefit to having less guests and in turn more flexibility within your already established budget. This means that you get to be innovative with your design, the atmosphere you create and the services you otherwise considered “out-of-the-budget” for your event. This can be in the form of dramatic sheer draping lining the ceiling of your tented wedding or a living monogram that will dance across the walls of your venue adding that unforgettable element for you and your guests. From lighting to décor the options are really endless so remember even though some will not be able to be there, the memories being created will be that more personal and special.

Now for the friends and family who cant or wont be able to make it to your event. Don’t leave them out! Unfortunately family and friends might still be nervous to be around others but with innovations in tech and the high level of quality streaming services available they can be a participant as much as any guest sitting at a table. Yes, you can just set up a cell phone and yes you can hope that the signal is good enough to work but remember who is watching. Your older generations already don’t understand streaming but by making it easy to watch by hiring a professional streaming service that will add cinematic camera angles, focus on emotional and important moments and providing a clean, clear and beautiful experience those guests will feel like they are there live!

Anyway you decide to elevate your micro event remember that all is not lost and that the moments you create, weather in person or at home, will be large scale memories you and your guests will never forget.

-Mike Blaze
Micro Managing Manager at B_entertained DJs and More