B_wed #14: How to Put On A Virtual Event: Our Tips and Tricks Guide


Virtual party are now a part of the party landscape and have become a popular option alternative for many party hosts and event planners as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what type of talented event coordinator you are, read these tips for putting on an upcoming virtual or contactless event.


Tips for Putting on a Virtual Event

Whether it’s a birthday, corporate event, or casual get together, many are opting for this safe option for celebrating. With that being said, it’s important to start perfecting your virtual event now so you’re prepared when the big virtual celebration is here.

Keep These Things in Mind for Your Virtual Performance

Whichever platform you choose to use for a virtual event, the key is to practice before you launch. Create virtual meetings with your friends or family members so you can practice with your virtual platform and work out any technical issues that may arise. We also suggest that you set up a practice event with any vendors to ensure everything is working properly and resolve any issues prior to the day of the virtual event.

Here are some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Overcommunicate: It’s important to clearly communicate with your vendors (and even guests!) about what to expect on the day of their virtual party. This includes setting up a practice meeting with vendors and sending out an email invite with the date, time, and instructions on how to join the virtual party to guests.
  • Perfect your audio and video: The camera and speaker on your smart phone should work perfectly fine for virtual events, but of course make sure to test this prior to the event. If you are more tech savvy, we’ve seen some of our clients go out and purchase HD webcams, microphones, and ring lights to further enhance the virtual event.
  • Use a custom virtual background: If you’re using Zoom, you can download virtual backgrounds to really bring the event to life.
  • Dress for the event Pretend that it’s a typical in-person event and dress as you normally would. This will help attendees forget it’s even a virtual event in the first place!
  • Have an active agenda: Keep your attendees entertained and engaged throughout the entire virtual event. Don’t be afraid to facilitate interaction amongst the guests and yourself.
  • Record your event: Check with your guests before the event to see if they would like a recording of the virtual event afterwards. You can also use the recording to promote future virtual events!

No matter how you decide to put on a event safely this year, make sure you are clearly communicating to your guests and vendors, perfecting your skills using the platform for the virtual event and dont forget in the end… just have FUN! This will ensure there are no surprises for you or the guests on the day of the event and that everyone will have an unforgettable time!


-Mikey Blaze
B_entertained’s Virtual Tipster