B_wed #8: Breaking All the Rules for Weddings in the New Decade


Everything is changing! From the way people interact to shop to in general conduct themselves everything is new and can be exciting. The wedding reception isn’t immune to this but what is awesome… you can do whatever the F*** you want! And its OK! From fashion to formalities the thought in the industry now is… lets have a wedding, whatever that means. Today many couples are finding it easier emotionally and physically to have some type of elopement and then… throw a banger of a party!

First let cover elopement and what that means.

“noun. an act or instance of running off secretly, as to be married.”

There is more to that definition, but that is something you will have to google for yourself to get a good laugh. But now a day’s it’s not a big secret to elope and as love has found its way not to be quarantined couples are finding that having a small ceremony either at town hall or by a licensed (key word) Justice of the Peace or clergy is the way to go. Couples are finding in this scaled down scenario that the day really just becomes about the two of them, with the feel that you don’t have to follow any of the usual wedding day conventions or answer to the expectations of others. And you get to do whatever you want, leaving you to really just be yourselves.  

This includes every aspect of the wedding, from the way you dress to the traditions you choose to participate in, versatility and convertibility seem to be the common theme of elopements. As gentleman adorn versatile suit with jeans and casual shoe attire the ladies of 2020 are embracing convertible dresses that have more than one look for the more than one occasion they are having. Even the ceremony itself can be stripped down to just you, your officiant and essential vendors such as your photographer, videographer, entertainer or your streaming crew (check out our other blog post about streaming!). Its all ok!

Now for that banger of a party we talked about earlier. Well you are married. Simply put… throw everything else out the window the hard part is done! So this leaves you with the choice: Do you do the traditional wedding reception things like covid never happened or do you just have a huge party with your family and friends? Best part… there is no right answer! The answer lies within you. What do you want to do and how do you want to do it. No one is going to be mad if you don’t have your first dance and Im sure people will understand if parents didn’t make it and couldn’t do your father / daughter or mother / son dance. Let what you want shine through. Be creative. Throw that backyard BBQ with a DJ who you know will rock the dance floor all night. Have a whiskey and cigar tasting bar. Bring in a candy bar, ice cream truck or really anything you want as no one will judge since most will just be happy to get out of their house.

These times are tough but love is tougher. Family is tougher. Your friends are tougher. Don’t let tradition get in the way of what a wedding has and will always be about… bringing two people together in love, forever and always!

Mikey Blaze
Rule Breaker at B_entertained DJs and More