B_wed #15: 2023 Trends are Here! Whats IN and whats OUT!


Wedding DJ / Entertainment Trends

The pandemic really did a number on what the happens during a reception. The entertainment now plays a totally different role in todays modern reception with some classic twists that are making a splash in today’s ultra-slimmed down in traditions and beefed up in fun receptions.


Photo: Andrii Kobryn/shutterstock.com

Private Dance – Quite possibly our favorite trend is the private dance. If you have not heard of this don’t worry, we can help you make it happen. After we send your friends and family into the night for no doubt an epic after party, we will stick around for one last song, just for the two of you! We love this sweet moment, as a way to close out what was the best and most epic day of your lives.


Tradition is OUT! – Gone are the days of having to a bouquet toss, parent dance or even a first dance! The reception is now being interrupted as a party and an overall interactive experience for family, friends and guests! So let your creativity and musical artistry fly as you work with you DJ to put together the musical ambiance that will match the vibe and feel of your wedding day.



Nontraditional Guest Books – Writing that sweet note for the new spouses is a classic! But… there are plenty of fun ways to say good luck without the pen and paper. The new trend is creative takes on guest books, like voice messages recorded with old-fashioned telephones, greetings written on the back of polaroid photos or well wishes signed on wooden Jenga pieces (for the couple who got really into board games during the pandemic).

Wedding Rental Trends

When it comes to creating an experience for your guests, you need an excellent backdrop. We are seeing more and more couples are taking elements they and their loved ones can see and feel, literally! We will get to the taste part later. So, whether you are planning your reception at a venue or under a tent with a rental company, here are the 2023 wedding trends you will see in 2023!


Unique wedding tents – Tented weddings are unique in and of themselves, but this year, you can expect to see tents like you’ve never seen them before! From multiple tents linked together to unique silhouettes, draping and interesting lighting designs couples are looking for something other than white sailcloth to be the back drop to their reception.

Credit: Photography | @johncainphotography


Statement signage – Even though you’ve seen statement signage for a few years, it’s becoming the norm and not the outlier. And with guest experience being a growing priority, statement escort card walls and signage are a great way to wow.


Residential décor – Couches, rugs, and chandeliers? Yes, please! Making guests comfortable is being taken to a whole new level with touches of residential décor.

Photography| @firmanchor⁠

Western décor – While boho wedding décor was the thing for quite a long time, western motifs are growing in popularity. You can expect to have couples ask about modern but neutral palettes and tons of texture—luckily we haven’t seen burlap make a comeback (insert a collective sigh of relief).

Photography | @coral.mia

– Rich colors, shiny surfaces, sparkle and maybe even skates on the dance floor? Who wouldn’t have a great time at that party? Disco-inspired wedding décor is one of our favorite 2023 wedding trends and we hope it sticks around for a while.



Photo: Alexander Shunevich/shutterstock.com

Interactive Favors – A trend running wild for 2023 weddings is going to be incorporating the guest favors as an interactive experience. Some examples of this is a champagne wall with a custom tag for each guest, or a custom wall with vases of flowers for each guest, just to name a few examples! And the best part…  is you can incorporate it in with the theme, or style of your wedding day. All the way from maple syrup, to oyster ornaments! The creativity is endless!


What’s Out

Wedding Hashtags – Wedding hashtags are yesterday’s news. It’s all about stories instead of posts now, and story hashtags disappear after 24 hours. Dropping the self-promotional hashtag says influential rather than influencer. Which would you rather be?
Standing Wedding Parties – Big wedding parties standing up at the ceremony. Let your loved ones sit comfortably and be totally present in the ceremony, but honor them beforehand by spending the morning getting ready and taking some special photos, exchanging notes, and reflecting on memories made in life together. So much more special!
Welcome Bags – Forgo extravagant welcome baskets and write each guest or couple a handwritten note exuding thoughtful elegance. Hotels always have bottled water and no one needs another branded canvas tote bag.
Extravagant Card Walls – No more over-the-top escort card walls. Instead, opt for a more classic display organized beautifully on a table which encourages guest interaction and mingling. White-glove service from the waitstaff is always a favorite, but we also love sophisticated envelopes nestled in a floral bed.
Signature Cocktails – Rather than passing one special cocktail, couples are leaning into the drink experience. Think Bemelmans-inspired tableside martinis, a roaming gin cart with an exotic array of fixings, dinner courses paired with sipping tequila, or a full-on tequila bar. Dare I say the martini ice luge will make an afterparty comeback!