B_wed #12: Tent Ideas That Will Take Your Breath Away!


With simply but significant aspects of a tent often overlooked— like doing something with all that tent space above your head — or allocating plenty of room for rentals and entertainment— here are some idea’s to consider when constructing your tented event. These ideas go beyond the wedding and event norm and are some awesome ideas our past clients have done to make their tent event even more memorable:


  1. Consider Draping: One way to add form, function and texture to the construction of your tent—while eliminating the use of additional rentals—is to integrate soft draping. Instead of chandeliers, use draping to add a special touch to an outdoor tent which adds depth and the perfect ambiance for an elegant outdoor event.


  1. Draw the Eye Up: Not only are hanging floral installations a major trend but they are ideal for bringing the focus to the height of your tent. A floral installation will draw your guests’ eyes upwards, allowing them to enjoy the full beauty of your tent and free up space on your table, enabling the elimination of a centerpiece altogether.


  1. Create a Striking Entrance: Set the tone for your tent event by crafting an entry worthy of a one-of-a-kind event. Grab your guests’ attention with an entrance adorned in eye-catching décor, lighting or floral arrangements.


  1. Consider a Clear Top: When you have a beautiful setting, there is no better way to feel connected to the landscape while still protecting your guests from the elements with surrounding trees and landscapes cascading shadows and natural features that can be seen at dusk.


  1. Doesn’t Have to be Just White: Incorporating subtle hints of color towards the top of your tent help create a cohesive theme throughout depending on your day-of color palette. You can elevate your space and structure with varying tones, shades, and hues incorporated using lighting, draping and linens.


  1. Integrate Sparkles: For playful way to incorporate some sparkly shine to the inside of your tent us strands of assorted fairy lighting. It allows your guests to feel as if they are dancing amongst the stars as the lights twinkle overhead. The added feature will evoke a romantic feel as well as add soft ambiance.


  1. Make a Statement: For couples that want to set the tone before you even get inside the tent rent a structure with an impressive presence. A stunning tent supported by a stunning backdrop will have your guests saying wow!


  1. Customize a Dance Floor: In order for guests to properly groove to the sounds of your awesome entertainment, a dance floor is a necessity, but does not have to be boring. With custom monogramming and other options you can make your dance floor a focal point in your tent design.


  1. Don’t forget about the Entertainment!: While tables, dance floors, and various décor features will take up most of the space in your tent, it’s important to leave room for other day-of elements like your live entertainment. With an intimate setting as a unique benefit to a tented space, sometimes leaving too little room for your entertainment can result in cramped spaces and limited dance room. Make sure when laying out your tent floor plan to leave plenty of space allocated for your entertainment to avoid unnecessary overcrowding.


  1. Light It Up: With weddings and events that stretch far into the night, it’s important to illuminate your tent enough so that guests don’t feel as if they can no longer be in the space or the event has ended. Whether string lights, large bulbs, or up light installations, the integration of light in your tented design is crucial for events that will continue after the sun sets.


Whether it’s a part of your initial wedding preparation or your backup plan in case of weather, there are an assortment of sizes, materials and add on services that make these covered configurations anything but limiting. Its all about your creativity and vision. 

-Mikey Blaze

Tented vision creator at B_entertained DJs and More