B_wed #11: Use Draping To Have Your Guests Saying “WOW!”


Flowing fabric is the newest way to turn a dull reception hall or especially now your tented reception into a destination for you and your guests!

If you’re looking to add that serious “oohh” factor to your reception or event then the newest trend is adding gorgeous custom draping to your event space. When done right (right being the key word), adding draping — using sheer textiles like chiffon, organza, or voile — will make your setting feel more like you have been transported to a foreign land and add an upscale, yet intimate, cozy feeling all at the same time.

With some many options to choose from here are some of our favorite draping ideas to make your reception space feel a whole lot more magical but certainly unforgettable.

  1. All-White Reception: Transform your reception into an all-white wonderland by draping passageways and even main reception areas in sheer white chiffon.
  2. Sheer Drapery Panels: If your reception space or tent has tall, soaring ceilings, emphasize the height by draping sheer panels from overhead to create a endless space with a romantic, dream-like quality.
  3. Entrance Draping: Create an entrance way no one will forget by draping the pathway to your reception; line the stairway or doorway and lighting or floral accents for that added glow and romance.
  4. Fairy Style String Lighting: Add them to any sheer draping, especially floor to ceiling panels, to create the illusion of a starry night sky with a magical, al fresco dinner experience.
  5. Rustic Chic: Drapery panels can add softness to a rustic reception space and simply taking floor-to-ceiling curtains between beams or table setting you can creating a more intimate feel in the large barn setting.
  6. Overhead Draping Crisscrossed: To make a large, never ending space feel cozier and more personal, add some crisscrossed overhead drapery to add texture to the cavernous space. This design features extra-long fabric swags that are crisscrossed back and forth and then have the ends cascaded down the sides of the wall or tent for an elegant, flowing effect.
  7. Make It Structural: Don’t have a space? We had a couple who wanted nature to be the focal point of their outdoor reception. So with the use of a minimal amount of drapery we were able to create the illusion of a ceiling while still allowing the beautiful sunshine to pour into the seating area which offered peeks of the tree-framed sky above.

With everything possible from draping the walls to soften your venue’s edges (or hide the things you’d rather not have guests see) or add floor-to-ceiling custom cut panels to break up and give texture to large cavernous like spaces—this will make the setting feel warmer and more personal and it will be completely unique to your taste. 

-Mikey Blaze 

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