B_wed #10: Outdoor is the New Indoor! Take Your Indoor Ideas Outside


Tired of searching for the perfect venue for your reception or event? Rent a tent! Become your own host and have your next party right at home in your own backyard! The ride home is so much easier! But in all seriousness here’s three ways on how to turn your backyard into a memory making party with a tent rental:

  1. Lights – Lighting is the key for setting the mood for your event or reception as it creates the vibe and feel. Think about your options:
    1. String Bistro Lighting – Elegant designs can be made to add a light hue to the tent. They also look great spiraled around tent poles or tree trunks.
    2. Tent Top Up Lighting – Position up lights at focal points to create a cascade of color and make for an unforgettable backdrop to your tent
    3. Chandeliers – classy and elegant for the tent event with a formal twist.
  2. Furnishings – When you rent a tent, you can transform your backyard into any kind of party you desire. From protections from the elements and whether to additions that can encourage nothing but fun there is nothing you can do inside and not outside. Some things to consider is how you will furnish your tent:
    1. Dance floor – If you plan to spend your party dancing the night away with your guests, then you’ll need a proper dance floor. The traditional wooden parquet floor, or a New England style plank floor, will have your guests to show off your moves!
    2. Tables and chairs – The tables and chairs that you choose will greatly affect the landscape and ambiance of your party. Do you want lots of small, intimate tables where guests can enjoy quieter conversations? Or do you want a long, communal table where everyone is seated together?
    3. Linens – When decorating your tables and chairs, remember that this your chance to really get creative! You can use traditional, white tablecloths if you’re seeking a classic, elegant style or, add color and texture with hundreds of linens to choose from! Everything from neon colors to burlap runners perfect for that 80’s parties to rustic weddings.
  3. Decorating Your Backyard – Turn your backyard into a great event space it’s not just about the tent, but also about the decorations. Pay attention to colors, textures, and layout to create the ideal landscape for your special event. Consider adding elements such as high top tables outside the tent for people to mingle at or put your bar outside for that escape. Or if you really want to have some fun add a photo booth for an alternative activity guests are sure to enjoy!

Tented events can be an awesome way to take a vision you had for your indoor space and recreate it on a blank canvas. Every tent is just that… a canvas waiting for you to be creative and make an event space that your guests will say “WOW!” to.

Mikey Blaze
Tent Dream Maker at B_entertained DJs and More