"Entertaining the World One Event at a Time"

B_entertained's Cast of Characters & Specialty Services

Speciality Performers

Balloon Twisters - Most Popular Choice! 
Great for any event but especially ones where kids are attending but we have also found that teen even surprisingly enough also enjoy our balloon creations. Our balloon artists have skills and offer some the most interesting balloon creations. Our artists operate with the most professional equipment and on average can make about 21 balloons an hour depending on design. 

Face Paint Artist - Most Popular Choice!
Our face painters all have artistic training that makes them some of the best around. Your guests can choose between full-faces or small pieces of art. Designs include fairy faces, scary monsters, glittery tattoos and more! But whatever you choose, we know you'll be impressed! Only the finest, industry standard face paints are used. We can paint approximately 12 full-faces pieces per hour or with smaller workst we can paint approximately 17 kids per hour.

Caricaturist - Most Popular Corporate Client Choice!
Our caricatures are goofy and fun artists that engage guests from start to finish – While you’re waiting you can enjoy watching them draw your friends, family and even creatures that you didnt even know existed at your event. Kids are at the perfect age to enjoy getting their caricature done as their favorite sports star, superhero, celebrity or doing their favorite activity.It is the perfect keepsake for guests to cherish and enjoy. The caricature will serve as a constant reminder of how much fun your guests had at your event. 

Costume Characters - Very Popular Option! 
Appearances: 30 minute character appearances are perfect to add to any entertainment package or just by them self and make that special someones day one they will never forget. The characters are more then happy to take lots of pictures, give lots of high fives and hugs!

Costume Character Dance Party: 60 min dance party which consists of many of the classic dance songs (Hokey Poky, Macarena , YMCA) as well as new ones (Ho-down Throw-down, Electric Slide, Cotton Eye Joe, Harlem Shake and More). Characters come with a sound system and will move around the party encouraging the guests to interact with them as they dance to the music.

Disclaimer: Please inquire before hand about availability of the the character and all the characters offered are independently owned with any resemblance to other characters not owned as merely coincidental. We will strive to do our best to provide you with the character you want but no guarantees can be made. 

Break Dancers
Looking to pump your party with a show that is different than your traditional music performances then you need to book one of our amazing gravity-defying break dancin' b-boy shows for your upcoming event! We excite audiences with incredible windmills, head spins, back spins, b-boy flavor, crickets, flips, creative footwork, and more! The show is fun, hip and will keep your kids attention with these b-boys sick moves and fly style.

Glitter / Temporary Tattoo  Artist
Glitter Tattoos use a special ultra fine, metallic glitter, as well as hypoallergenic glue to create fun tattoos that everyone will love. There is an enormous selection of stencil designs that have been carefully selected for your enjoyment. Glitter tattoos are great because usually they create very little to no mess and are great for formal events where mess is a concern. They can last anywhere from 4-6 days and are waterproof but can be easily removed with baby oil or 70% isopropyl alcohol. Great way to add a special touch to any pool party, communion, sweet 16, mitzvah or any event as kids and adults alike love them!

Henna Tattoo Artist
Henna Tattoos incorporate the ancient body art of Mehndi into many different  special occasions!  Henna is well known around the world and goes by many names: Mehandi, Mahandi, Mehndi, Henna, Hina, Heena, Red Henna and Temporary Tattoo. Henna Tattoos are fun for all ages: from kids to teens and parents to grandparents, everyone loves henna. Henna is popular on so many different occasions from weddings and festivals, to pregnancies (belly henna!), to Bar / Bat Mitzvah, birthday parties, sweet 16, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, fundraisers, baby showers to even corporate events (corporate logo in henna!)  you can never go wrong when you bring in a henna tattoo artist who has thousands of designs to choose from. 

Air Brush Artist
With numerous different designs everyone is sure to find something that will fit their style! Our artists are all experienced, accommodating, and friendly, working hard to make your event a success! Airbrush Tattoos are perfect for all events and even pool parties and high energy dance events as these tattoos are waterproof so they won't sweat or wash off. If our artists do not have the design you are looking for they are often willing to design and paint free hand specific to your needs.

Fire Performer
Our fire show performers can wander amongst your guests or do full stand up shows performing a variety of theatrical fire eating and fire breathing stunts in addition to high energy variety talents. The wandering fire performers are a very flexible form of entertainment that can be performed in a variety of spaces and situations and are perfect for formal settings to lighting the back yard bbq with anything from a 8 - 40 minute interactive show that involves fire manipulating along with multiple other talents such as magic and juggling.

Our staff of magicians are here to make your event as magical of a memory as possible With the option of walk around magician, stage magic shows, family and kid magic shows, "Adult Only" magic shows and even a magical grand entrance at your wedding, sweet 16 or mitzvah our magicians are here to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Our comedians are from the comedy clubs and bars all over the country and offer a "funny way" (pun intended) to entertain your guests at your next event. Our comedians will tailor a routine to your specific event and audience let it be a room full of expecting mothers or your local biker gang looking for a good chuckle we have comics with so many different style and approaches there is sure to be one that fits your event and personality.


Screen PrintingDesign your own T-shirt, Hoodie and more!
Design custom t-shirts, cups, hats, or bags to give away as the perfect custom party favor for your guests. Our cute fitted t-shirts are sure to be a hit with the girls at every event, and we have the coolest apparel styles for the boys with custom hooded sweat shirts available also. This is a special occasion, and custom apparel and products will serve as great keepsakes that guests will use for years to come! 

Custom Monogramming
We know you’re one of a kind, so customize every single part of your event! From invitation to custom place mats, napkins, seat covers and more everything can be made into something that is unique. And here’s the best part: because our services are easily customizable, we can work with all sorts of budgets and party sizes. 

Balloon Decorations
Balloon Bouquet - A mixture of colored balloons that make for a beautiful table center piece or as a free standing floor arrangement. Balloon Decorations can compliment a room through use of color and the existing adornment such as custom flowers or table decor. The balloons will be displayed at staggared hieghts and are anchored down with a decorated weighted base. The basic balloon bouquet starts at a minimum of 3 ballons and increases with your need. 

Balloon Archways - Archways are an eye catching arch of floating colors and balloons that frame an area such as a door way, entryway or stage. Our most popular balloon arch is a single line are which is made up of a row of 12" latex balloons with an accompanying ribbon that attaches each balloon. The arch can be either anchored with a festively decorated weigh at each end or to pre-existing anchors. 

Bounce House Rentals
Our high quality commercial grade bounce houses, moon walks and inflatable water slides, dunk tanks, obstacle course and sports inflatables are a perfect addition to your birthday, backyard parties, corporate events, and any other special event or even simply just a fun filled day with family and friends.

To properly install an inflatable unit there must access to electricity within 100 feet of the unit. If electricity is not available we can provide a generator for an additional fee.The inflatable must be far enough away from low hanging branches, power lines and chain link fences. The inflatables can be set up on grass or pavement but must be free of rocks,sticks, broken glass and pet droppings. Drop off times range from 8am to 12pm.Pickups start at 7pm. If additional time is needed please feesl free to discuss that with us prior to set up.We will issue a credit for another rental in the event of inclement weather for the following conditions. Heavy or steady rain, Winds in excess of 25MPH, and if the temperature is below 50 degrees. Once the unit has been set up there will be no refunds issued in the event of inclement weather.

Disclaimer: I understand and acknowledge that the activity to be engaged in through my rental of an Inflatable brings with it known and unanticipated risks to myself, my guests, and my invitees. Those risks include, but are not limited to; falling, slipping, crashing, colliding, and could result in injury, emotional distress and/or property damage to myself or my guests. I acknowledge and certify that I have adequate homeowner’s insurance, tenant insurance, or other liability insurance to cover bodily injury or property damage which might occur to me or my guests from the use of the Inflatable unit I am renting. I voluntarily release, indemnify, hold harmless and discharge B_entertained Djs and Music from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights of action, whether personal to me or to a third party, which are related to, arise out of or are in any way connected with my rental of the inflatable unit. I agree to reimburse any reasonable attorney’s fees and costs which may be incurred by B_entertained Djs and Music in the defense of any such liability, claim, demand, action or right of action. I acknowledge and certify that I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire passage as posted in disclaimer format on B_entertained Djs and Music's website, that I have, in fact, read it in its entirety, that I understand its content and that I execute it freely, intelligently and without duress of any kind. By viewing this website you constitute that you  have read the disclaimer and understand its contents.