"Entertaining the World One Event at a Time"

B_entertained's Exclusive "Gig-Back" Program

B_entertained appreciates all the wonderful vendors we have worked with over the years and have built many relationships with great professionals in each of the service industries. In celebration of the hard work we all put into our jobs each day, as we create those lasting memories for others, we have developed the B_entertained "Gig-Back" Referral Program. This program is designed for you as a Wedding / Event Facility, Photographer, Videographer, Special Performer, Etc. to sign up with us and let us "gig-back" to you 10% of our booking for any clients that are referred to us by you.

Terms are simple, sign up by clicking the "Returning Vendor" or "New Vendor" button below. If you are a new user you will receive a confirmation email stating your vendor number. When referring a client please make sure to use your vendor number. If the client is contacted an update email will be sent to you, the vendor, and if the client is booked within eight weeks of their event a check for 10% of the booking fee will be presented to your representative the day of the event. Easy money, immediately! Get started by clicking the "New Vendor" button below. 
If you are a returning vendor we thank you for coming back and we always appreciate you referring your respected clientele to B_entertained for their entertainment needs. We look forward to another great event with you. Please contact us with any questions directly at [email protected]

"We have been working with B_entertained for YEARS and have appreciated the on-going relationship we have built through Mike's "gig-back" program. He produces quality performers and we get credit from the client for the excellent referral as well as the Gig-back referral fee. What could be better! Great program Mike. Thank you"
-Barbara B. Sole Luna Rest. & Catering